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Protecting What We Love

2021 has been a landmark year for Play Bigger, a year of evolution and revolution. We've added...

Play Bigger Live Session Wrap

We recently hosted our first live Category Design session and we chose to dedicate it to Zeke...

Rivian: A Classic Category Play, Part II

Two main threads of feedback from our first article are worth mentioning:

The Digital Optimization Category // Amplitude IPO

As Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, JJ and the Amplitude team used Category Design to create...

Zeke, the Caldor Fire, and the Emergence of a New Category of Media

Two firefighters assess a blaze near Lake Tahoe, California

Rivian: A Classic Category Play

In our book PLAY BIGGER we call it “the magic triangle” and it is used by some of the greatest...

Celonis Category : EMS Execution Management Systems

According to CNBC, the Celonis news is "the latest sign of how investors are gushing over the...