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The Integrate & Ignite Podcast Episode 466: "The Power of Category Design with Mike Bruno of Play Bigger"

“Categories have been around since humans, that’s how we organize things. Cognitive biases actually allow us to navigate the world.” - Mike Bruno


We're excited to share Mike Bruno's interview with the Integrate & Ignite Marketing Podcast hosted by Lori Jones. They dive deep into the power of category design in marketing and how it can help your business stand out and succeed. Discovering the power of creating a new category for your product is not just about being descriptive, but about conveying meaning and solving a human problem. 

“The right problem should make you wake up in the middle of the night because that is what moves you from the commodity space into a line item in a budget. You have a legitimate problem with real costs and you have no way of solving it until now - this category is going to do it.” Mike Bruno

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Listen & Learn:

  • How important is it for a company to create its own category for a product?
  • What are some key strategies for coming up with a category name during work sessions?
  • What does it mean for a category name to convey meaning rather than being self-descriptive?
  • How can category design be compared to branding in terms of imbuing meaning onto a product?
  • How can category assessments and cluster maps help companies identify and understand the problems they solve?
  • Why is it important for companies to confront and discuss the identified problems in a working session?

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