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Building Asia Pacific and Australia Category Kings

A CMO's Guide to Sticking the Category Design Landing

Jennifer Johnson, the newly appointed CMO of Tenable (congrats again JJ!) shares her insights, strategy, and reality of how to make category design work for your company, your products, and your category. This is a must-read for any CMO or tech executive leading a category design initiative.

"Congratulations. You've done everything right to design your category: articulating the category problem, illustrating a vision for the future and your unique answer to it, and aligning on a category name. Your POV is pitch perfect and feels like you finally have the story that has been buried inside your head. You are ready to present your category vision to the world - a category which you will define and dominate. You are now ready to execute your lightning strike, sit back, and watch the market magically adopt your POV vision and category, right? Think again. This is where the work begins, not ends...."

Read the whole story here: Stick the Category Design Landing

How to Build Asia Pacific and Australia Category Kings
Play Bigger is on the move and expanding Category Design in Asia Pacific with two packed venues featuring business, entrepreneur, sports and life legends. Unique research for the Australian, Singapore and broader APAC market will also be unveiled for the first time revealing the global impact and opportunity in category design.

Australia Category Design Summit: Tuesday, March 21

Co-founder and co-author of Play Bigger, Al Ramadan, will present on how both entrepreneurs and established enterprises need to define, develop and rule a category over time. Al will be joined by a crew of innovators and pirates including: America's Cup Winner, John Bertrand, leading Australian investor, Rick Baker of Blackbird Ventures, Didier Elzinga, CEO of Culture Amp, Samantha Wong of StartMate (Y-Combinator of the regional), and Professor Jon McCormack, Professor of Computer Science at Monash University.

Singapore Category Design Summit: Thursday, March 23

Al then takes category design to Singapore and will present on how both entrepreneurs and established enterprises can build global kings from any place in the world. This event features a powerful panel of Singapore's leading VC's, start-ups and entrepreneurs including category investor Shirley Wong of TNF Ventures, predictive shipping logistics king Christopher Mazza of Clear Metal, Rosaline Koo, CEO of CXA, Alex Campbell, managing director of Xero, and Prof Ted, associate professor of Strategic Management at Singapore Management University.

Play-ing Bigger
Congratulations to Clear Metal CEO, Adam Compain, for leading the transformation of the shipping industry.

Vitality Expert - the epic Nikki Fogden-Moore, interviews Al Ramadan about playing bigger in life, business, and well just about everything...Give it a listen:

"Al's advice; If you really feel like you have identified a problem and you've got a solution or an idea for a solution, get out there and do it. There's nothing stopping you from doing that."

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