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Keep Your Mojo Rising: Manager Mojo podcast w/ Play Bigger

There is so much clutter in the world today that it is easy for your business to go unnoticed. To be uniquely successful in business and in your career there needs to be a willingness to PLAY BIGGER. Being better doesn’t cut it anymore. Being different will get attention as well as ultimate financial rewards. Dave Peterson, entrepreneur, master of execution and a chief marketing officer who is known for “cleaning up crappy marketing,” along with his three co-authors, has just introduced PLAY BIGGER: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets. Learn how companies like Uber, Salesforce and IKEA grew to dominate their markets and why others failed. This isn’t just for business, it is a thought process that can be applied to your life and career as well – if you’re willing to PLAY BIGGER.

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