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Why People Want to Work For Category Kings - They Really, Really Do!

Business journalist and television commentator Suzy Welch put together an intriguing article on the companies where people want to work and what they all have in common. This take is based on the release of the LinkedIn Top Companies of 2017.

Turns out, that Category Kings make up 7 of the top 7 on the list! Think about that for a second. This shows the power of why it's so important to build a great company, product and category at the same time.

"These are the companies where people really, really want to work now. Here's what they all have in common" - Suzy Welch

LinkedIn Top Companies of 2017 - by Daniel Roth


6/10 to Yuma - Trains Are Running On Time And So Is Your IPO Window
IPO Sweet Spot
As we describe in our book - Play Bigger - we developed a link between a category-based strategy and brain science by studying market caps of public companies. We released the original data report in 2016 and have revised it using the latest data from our friends at Pitchbook.



Category (is still) The New Strategy
Play Bigger
An updated extract from Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets.

We recently published an updated excerpt from chapter two of our book, Play Bigger, which discusses the category lifecycle and the brain science driving purchase behavior.


The End of Health Insurance? - Dave Peterson
Dave Peterson
Dave is running hard on the category design tour speaking at the Direct Care category summit hosted by Hint Health. The digital health revolution is in full swing and the room was packed with innovative doctors and direct care experts who are creating a new and different health experience. Direct care is all about removing insurance companies from the picture and empowering people to pay their doctors directly for their services. Are the days of fighting with insurance companies over? If Hint Health has anything to do with it - the answer is yes!


Why Category is the New Strategy - Kevin Maney
Kevin Maney
At the PC Forum 10-year reunion in Scottsdale, Arizona, Kevin presented the "Why Category Is the New Strategy" overview to a packed room of tech industry veterans. Others at the event reported that it was the best-attended session of the day, and Maney was up against former Apple CEO, John Sculley, in the next room.

Though there is no link for the event (it was private and invite-only), here is a report from a 2001 PC Forum. Those influential annual events, run by Esther Dyson, began in the mid-1980s and ended in 2007.

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