Feb 13, 2020

To ride the unrideable...

Great new categories are often a problem people didn’t know they could solve.

“The Hydrofoil has been around for 30 years. It was reimagined. What it has allowed us to do is ride the un-rideable. The tiniest waves in the world you couldn’t surf…the swells that go from island to island in Hawaii. You can also ride some of the biggest waves ever ridden because of it’s ability to cut through chop. The speed difference of having a board on the water is much slower than having a board that is just flying through the air.“ Kai Lenny

Here is a link to our Water Anthology Showcase featuring Kai Lenny.

At the end of every Playing Bigger episode, you can go behind the scenes with Executive Producers Al Ramadan and Dave Peterson as they break down the defining characteristics of each athletes’ category design journey.


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