The Messaging Hierarchy Pyramid

We developed our Lighting Strike Mobilization Kit for busy CMOs, Marketing VPs and other likeminded leaders who need tools to execute amazing Lighting Strikes

In Chapter 2, we include an example provided by Tenable CMO and veteran category designer, Jennifer Johnson. Her Messaging Hierarchy Pyramid diagram was created to simplify communications between all the stakeholders involved in the process, and provides valuable insight into sticking the landing with category design.

This diagram illuminates how to positively effect the individual users (Admin, Developers), the functional leaders (Managers,VPs), and the Chief Officers of your company by re-framing their perspective on the problem so your solution becomes self-evident.

It's a common mistake made by category designers/brands to not be proactively defining how the category vision relates to every functional role in your buying process. The Messaging diagram is just one of many valuable tips, tricks and to-dos included in the Strike Kit!

For a deeper dive into Lighting Strike execution, go to our Books page to download your own free copy of the Play Bigger Lighting Strike Mobilization Kit.



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