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Category Designer Spotlight: Kai Lenny

“The goal I guess, at the end of the day, is just to soar like a bird!”~ Kai Lenny said and the packed theater roared with laughter...

Kai is so awesome. When he was a kid growing up on Maui, he had his own set of real life Superheroes to look up to - legendary watermen like @lairdhamiltonsurf and @darrickd - surfers who were constantly breaking down barriers and testing limits. In his own unique way, Kai is a product of both his island environment and the lessons he learned from his mentors. Those lessons became the blueprint for the creation of this modern waterman’s own Category : FOIL RIDING.

Kai Lenny, thank you so much for making the trip over to the Mainland to speak with us at our annual Category Design Summit. Your insights, passion and humor were greatly appreciated by everyone!

To check out Kai’s full-length Playing Bigger film, click HERE. 

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