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Category Design Zoom Webinar With Play Bigger and 6Sense

The marketing landscape has shifted, and we need ideas, community, and collaboration more than ever. As a response, @6sense and @heinz_marketing partnered together to create an open space for CMOs to come together with peers and discuss timely, crowd-sourced topics.

Dave Peterson, Play Bigger book co-author and category design co-founder, will share his insights on the Top 5 things CMOs need to know about category design. When Play Bigger debuted in 2016 it was an instant success and a buzz worthy best seller. Over the last few years the book has become a favorite of category creators, global marketers and Silicon Valley C-suite heavy hitters. Not to mention becoming a point of reference at notable MBA programs like Stanford and Harvard. Chock full of tangible examples, cutting insights and real-time applications, Play Bigger is both an insightful read, and a valuable tool, in your pursuit of category domination.

During his talk, Dave will also cover other topics such as what VCs and CEOs are asking from CMOs.

This weekly webinar generally focuses on how everyone is adapting to the new (and hopefully temporary) landscape — adjusting marketing strategies, managing teams, communicating to customers, and more...

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