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Celonis Category : EMS Execution Management Systems

Congratulations to Celonis co-founders Alex Rinke, Bastian Nominacher, Martin Klenk and the rest of their amazing team on their latest round of funding and their new valuation of $11Billion.

According to CNBC, the Celonis news is "the latest sign of how investors are gushing over the enterprise software businesses with recurring revenue streams."

We’re proud of the incredible work Celonis has done designing and creating their new Category — Execution Management Systems (EMS) — which is eliminating billions of dollars in corporate inefficiencies. 

Forbes had this to say: "In recent months, Celonis has looked to expand beyond process mining into what it calls ‘execution management,’ a more action-driven layer of its tools that allow users more of a comprehensive, real-time dashboard of their processes, with the ability to push through recommended improvements or changes directly. That has investors eyeing a much bigger addressable market for Celonis, one they argue is natural for it to grow into. ‘It’s a company where their core space is very large, but there’s multiple potential acts to it,’ says Durable’s Henry Ellenbogen, who co-led the new funding round."

What a wonderful demonstration of how Category Design fuels exponential growth.

Read the Forbes article here

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