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PODCAST: Category Contenders to Category Kings

On this episode of Lochhead on Marketing, Christopher Lochhead and Al Ramadan talk about moving from being a Category Contender to a Category King. The importance of identifying (or being) one of these contenders and what it takes to win the 18-to-36-month epic battle royale that every contender faces. Spoiler: It comes down to a critical decision. Compete or create, and while the right answer is self-evident it continues to be missed by most. 

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So if you're an entrepreneur who wants to go beyond competing to actually create and dominate your own market, have a listen. It will be time well spent.

Christopher and Al spend an hour and a half exploring topics that include: 

  • The concept of being category contenders, reflecting on past research and their book on category kings who earn   76% of the economics in every category - the numbers continue to prove this out!
  • The paint points that often show-up for these contenders that are clear symptoms of a much bigger problem: Market Myopia.
  • The importance of taking up category design  to overcome Market Myopia and as result, choose creation instead of competition. 
  • The journey to not only defining a new category but the realization that mobilizing and the change management required across an organization is half the battle. 
  • The recognition that it’s possible for large public companies and organizations to undertake this difficult transformation and succeed.
  • Why it’s critical to either build, join or invest in category contenders in order to maximize your odds of outsized success, not to mention sheer joy.

Throughout it all they bring in real world examples spanning contenders who became kings like Qualtrics. Public companies who have succeeded in making this shift to category first. Even founder stories, community activists and smaller consumer companies who are leveraging category thinking to win big.

A rich discussion full of stories that will inspire and help you learn more about what it means to create vs. simply compete in an existing market. 

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