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Category Designer Spotlight: Hanli Prinsloo

“Protect what you love. We believe that our vision for a greater connection between people and nature is even more crucial today than it was 10 years ago. Humanity is standing at a great crossroads; it is crunch time for our planet and for all of us who call the beautiful blue and green dot home." -- Hanli Prinsloo
At Play Bigger, we feel so lucky to encounter and get to know tremendously talented Category Designers from all over the globe. One particular individual who has touched our lives is Hanli Prinsloo.

Hanli was a featured Category Designer in our Playing Bigger Water Anthology short film series we released in late 2019. In her profile we documented her category — Clean Ocean Advocate — and her journey to use deep connections to drive interest in preserving clean and healthy ocean environments.



She recently released her 2018 and 2019 impact reports for her I Am Water Foundation. Based in Capetown, South Africa, Hanli takes disadvantaged kids — many of whom do not swim — and introduces them to the beautiful beaches and seas that surround the place they call home. The point is to develop a deep connection to the ocean and a lifetime of respect for clean, sustainable ecosystems.

Her ethos is simple: You protect what you love. And it's working.

To learn more or support her movement, please visit: and give @hanliprinsloo a follow on Instagram, too!

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