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Keep the World Adventurous Forever

The story of electric auto maker @rivianofficial, and their MIT-educated CEO RJ Scaringe @rjscaringe, is a fascinating case study in pitch perfect Category Design.

At just 37, R.J. Scaringe has been described as the antidote to Tesla founder Elon Musk. During the past decade the self-described car nut was well on his way to developing another electric sports car, when he paused one day to ask himself an intriguing question, while revealing:

The Problem:

"Why does the world need another sports car when there are very few SUVs or trucks currently offered in the electric vehicle category?"

The Solution:

Rivian and its R1S SUV and R1T Truck.

Classic Category Design!

Scaringe went on to define the category even further, creating what Rivian calls “Adventure Vehicles.” Notice the clear distinction from the already crowded SUV and truck categories?

Rivian’s POV is not only to make powerful, performance driven electric vehicles, but to design and produce a sustainable product — an adventure vehicle — that will directly address the specter of climate change and carbon pollution (not to mention our reliance on fossil fuels to power our cars and trucks).

Click here to read the recent @forbes article illustrating Scaringe and his laser focused POV, and click here to watch a beautiful promo video featuring the R1S and R1T!

Photos: Rivian

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