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Category Design Legends: The Chief Market Officer

“It’s time to eliminate the ‘ing’ from your Chief Market-ing Officer title. As a Chief MARKET Officer, your scope and importance to an executive team is instantly broadened.” -- Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer “JJ” Johnson is a three-time #CMO and Category Designer. JJ is best known for her recent work designing the Cyber Exposure Category for Tenable Security , which also formed the basis for Tenable’s successful IPO in 2018. She re-imagined the stagnant end-point security category at Tanium and helped advise Qualtrics while working with Play Bigger.

At our Executive Summit, JJ offered sage advice about nurturing a category: “Don’t fight physics! The category needs continuous care and nurturing. A Lightning Strike is a powerful force that raises category momentum, pivoting a company away from the gravity-pulling events that aim to revert your efforts back to the status quo."

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