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Good Ideas are Killing Start-ups.

Why? Because most start-ups aren’t solving new problems, they’re just offering a better, cheaper, faster way of solving the same problem as their competition...

Think about this for a second: I get a million pieces of junk mail from roofing companies offering to install a better, nicer, more awesome roof on my house --> But, I already have a roof, and a roofer I know who can do the job. So, the junk mail goes right into the recycle bin.

Alternatively, Tesla sends me a book about solar shingles. Now, all of the sudden, I’m in the market for a new roof.

Why? Because I want all the benefits of solar without the clunky, unattractive, giant panels. This is an example of a new category of products designed to solve a new category of problems.


PROBLEM: Solar panels are amazing(ly ugly)
SOLUTION: Solar shingles that can replace your existing roof (which you may need to do anyway)
CATEGORY: Solar Roofs

Start with the problem first, and you stack the deck towards start-up success. 

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