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Brainfluence: Play Bigger to Dominate Your Market

What better way to break into an industry than by being the first company to understand exactly what it’s missing? On this episode, we sit down with Al Ramadan to discuss how software engineers, innovators, and companies do just that

While Al got his start in coding as a software engineer, his career now encompasses marketing, design, advising, and writing. His new book, Play Bigger – How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets, co-authored with Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead, and Kevin Maney, is a study of legendary category-breaking companies like Apple, Google, and other Silicon Valley giants.In this interview, Al touches on some of the characteristics of these companies that make them so industry-defining. He also shares how organizations of any size can do the same by creatively reframing market problems and understanding cognitive biases. Al’s message combines key psychological insights with unparalleled experience in technology and marketing, and is valuable regardless what field you’re in.

Al Ramadan has had an expansive, varied career, filling the roles of CEO, entrepreneur, operating executive and sailing technologist.

At the outset of his journey, Al co-founded Quokka Sports: a pioneering, data-intensive sports immersion site that linked audiences to sports in real-time for the first time ever. While Quokka revolutionized the way people experienced sports, it was ahead of its time and ultimately declined.

Overcoming this obstacle, Al later joined Macromedia (and Adobe, which acquired Macromedia). There he led teams that created the Rich Internet Applications category and helped develop the discipline of experience design, continuing his ground-breaking work in the field. Today Al helms Play Bigger Advisors as co-founder, introducing the world to category design as an innovation and marketing tool.

Tune in to hear from a tech and marketing giant about the methods he uses to analyze the world’s most successful businesses. This episode is full of information and advice that you will absolutely not want to miss.

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