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Category Design Survey



At Play Bigger, we are stoked to see the rapidly growing interest in Category Design methodology and the emergence of dedicated Category Designers across the globe. To that end, we are interested in your views on the emergence of this new management discipline:

Link to Survey

In related news, our Play Bigger Lightning Strike Mobilization Kit (link) has also become very popular. We have had nearly 1500 downloads of the kit to date. Here are some fun facts related to this valuable resource:

 • Above, our Pirate Word Cloud ( in honor of all the pirates, dreamers and innovators out there) shows the most popular words/phrases used to describe the use of the Mobilization Kit.

• The top words speak to the design, creation and launch of a new category.

• Interest in our Mobilization kit came from people in over 70 countries. The United States is ranked #1, but we were amazed to see interest from nearly every corner of the globe.


world bubbles-01


UPDATE: Last week, we received numerous requests for admission to our Stanford BASES category design workshop, but with just 20 passes available only a limited number of you could attend. We are sorry that we couldn’t get passes out to everyone, but we are planning a follow-up event. Stay tuned for more info on that coming soon.

Finally, as we delve into the needs of Category Designers, Founders, CEO’s and Investors, we are conducting a survey to dig deeper into the topics and information desired to better understand and execute Category Design.

We would love to hear from you… 

Link to Survey

The Play Bigger Team

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