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Category Design Partners: Save The Waves Coalition

As 2019 comes to a close, we can’t help but reflect on the importance of organizations that are battling climate change and align with our personal and corporate values, as well as defining their own categories.


Here at Play Bigger we're very proud of @savethewavescoalition, an organization that fights to protect a very finite and valuable commodity: surf ecosystems. The org defines a surf ecosystem as “the land to sea interface, bathymetry that create the conditions for breaking, rideable waves, the flora and fauna and human communities that are dependent upon it.”

Their goal is to protect, steward and defend 1,000 surf #ecosystems and coastlines around the world by 2030.

In 2019, our pro-bono work helped Save The Waves Coalition's Executive Director Nik Strong-Cvetich @strongcvetich design their own unique category: Surf Conservation. We’re excited about their recent successes and plans for the future!



In recognition of his amazing efforts, Nik recently became a Mulago Fellow ( and released his Top Ten Accomplishments of 2019.

Here are a few highlights:

• STW Protected surf ecosystems like Brazil’s Guarda Do Embaú, the latest World Surfing Reserve.

• Planted the seeds for new Surf Protected Area Networks (SPANs) in Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia.

• Identified coastal threats in 34 countries with the Endangered Waves App and awarded a $5,000 stewardship prize to clean up the waves in Fiji’s Viti Levu.

•Defended crown jewel surf ecosystems like Oaxaca’s Punta Conejo, receiving over 265,000 campaign signatures and working with local community partners to secure permanent protection.

To see the complete Top Ten list or find out more about @savethewavescoalition, head to their website! If you want to make a donation, head to the link in their bio.

Use these hashtags on social media if you want to show Save The Waves some love!

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