Play Bigger initiated our research agenda to study the science and data of how categories are defined, developed and dominated.

We worked for more than 20 years as operators and coaches, and have interviewed 100s of the technology industry’s brightest minds to understand the business discipline and strategy of category design and category timing.

We have invested heavily in building a database of every U.S. VC-backed tech company founded since 2000, through today. We used advanced data science techniques to gain insights into valuation/market cap growth to better understand how and when category and company value is formed. And, through this work, we are delusional enough to think we have made some  important new discoveries.


In our book Play Bigger we explain why category is the new strategy. This excerpt updates our thinking based on questions from readers and our new 6-10 Law.

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THE 6-10 LAW

An updated version of our groundbreaking IPO Sweet Spot research. Introducing the 6-10 Law, 2017 edition

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The Play Bigger Data Science Team discovered a powerful new insight where post-IPO enduring value is created for VC-backed companies in the United States. Download the groundbreaking new Play Bigger IPO Sweet Spot Report.

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Speed as a competitive weapon has always mattered. Entrepreneurs, CEOs and venture capitalists (VCs) have been focused on speed-based strategies like “time to market” and “first mover advantage” for decades.

A new dimension of speed has emerged that we call Time to Market Cap (TTMC) a new metric that measures valuation / market cap growth.
By looking at companies through the TTMC lens, we can discover strategic trends in tech start-ups and understand when to execute the right category design play at the right time.

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The Play Bigger Data Science team analyses the past 30 years of the Australian Tech Industry in an attempt to understand innovation, growth and long term value creation. This data was shared and discussed with an elite panel at our Melbourne Event on March 21st, 2017 co sponsored by Monash University, Hachette Australia and Bolinda Audio.

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