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Happy International Women’s Week!

At Play Bigger, we think every week should be International Women’s Week!

We’re so proud to support our two female Surf Ambassadors, Bianca Valenti and Keanna Miller! ⚡️

@bigwavebianca continues to pave the way in the discipline of female big wave riding, chasing massive waves from Peah’i to Portugal, and making news at her home spot, Mavericks. She plays to win and her victories extend beyond the water. She’s recognized as a champion in the battle for equal pay and access for women in professional surfing. We're loving the shot of her with her new quiver of boards, looking glorious in Play Bigger Pink, alongside Santa Cruz master shaper, Bob Pearson @pearsonarrow


We also want to introduce our newest Play Bigger Surf Ambassador Keanna Miller! Keanna grew up on the Westside of Santa Cruz, CA surfing the world renowned Steamer Lane. Keanna is down in Cocoa Beach FL surfing in the @ronjonofficial @roxy Pro this weekend. Go get ‘em Girl!


A post about Int’l Women’s Week would not be complete without a shout out of immense gratitude to the women of Play Bigger: Mary Forman, Ashli Walkiewicz and Carrie Drew. We would be lost without their creativity, strength, intelligence, grace and resilience!

Oh, and can’t forget to mention our PB mascot Tobi 🐶 is a girl!! #internationalwomensday#internationalwomensday2022

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