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Position: Category Designer

The Category Designer identifies unmet problems, defines categories to meet those problems, conditions markets to demand these categories and positions businesses to dominate them. On any given day you may be asked to uncover hidden problems and truths, define category potential, articulate points of view, create and execute research plans, or contribute to lightning strike launch events. All while working side-by-side with the Founder and CEO of Play Bigger, who literally wrote the book on Category Design.

This is an opportunity to ...

  • Immerse yourself in a new industry or emerging technology to better understand its potential, and future states it could bring about.
  • Help develop an emotion grabbing point-of-view for a company or product that outlines a major problem in the world and its solution as vision for the future.
  • Participate in the set-up and help drive a workshop that addresses any of the six areas of our category design process, from problem definition and point-of-view development to category blueprint and lightning strike mobilization.
  • Partner with graphic designers to create the verbal, visual and even experiential expression of a new category-size solution.
  • Collaborate hand-in-hand with client specialists to rethink how a company executes a procession of Lightning Strikes across a recurring go-to-market strategy.
  • Work with the leadership at Play Bigger to help navigate and grow the business.
  • Support the advancement of new frameworks and intellectual property to unlock client challenges and further Play Bigger’s reputation at the forefront of Category Design.
  • Help in the sourcing and onboarding of future Category Designers and execution partners.

The ideal person is...

  • An aspiring strategist with a solid track record of product or company strategy and positioning work, ideally in emerging and new technology spaces.
  • Consulting mindset, able to structure and manage projects while partnering with clients across a number of different departments and roles.
  • Curious thinker who is passionate about exploring and helping to develop new technical models, ecosystem frameworks and intellectual property.
  • Strong writer with the ability to capture complex ideas and help synthesize large amounts of information into powerful narratives.
  • Aspiring intersectional thinker who looks to approach a problem through multiple lenses, from business and culture to technology and behavioral sciences.
  • Highly collaborative team member able to participate in the navigation of complex client dynamics and help challenge preexisting biases in order to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Interest and experience working with new economy and fast-growing technology companies, moving from strategy to go-to-market execution in a digital-first world.
  • Eager to collaborate, learn and grow with Play Bigger’s proven techniques and capabilities.

Finally, we believe passion combined with a proven ability to learn and grow can often overcome a lack of experience. If your background doesn’t quite match all the above, but you believe your will and desire to become a Category Designer more than offset the difference, we want to hear from you.

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