The Water Anthology is the first in a new series of lightning films called Playing Bigger. Each Episode celebrates a pirate, innovator or entrepreneur who is creating a new category, company and product. The Water Anthology series was shot at the Surf Ranch and explores category creation with some groundbreaking watermen and women (Kai Lenny, Hanli Prinsloo, Bianca Valenti and Kelly Slater). These four category designers are changing the way we move over the waves, how we move under the waves, who has the right to waves and how waves are created. Every one of them is playing bigger. 


Kai Lenny "Above the Waves"

Kai Lenny is considered to be the most accomplished waterman of all time. In this episode we explore the evolution of the foiling category and how it has become a whole new sport. 



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Hanli Prinsloo "Below the Waves"

Hanli Prinsloo is a six time free diving champion. In this episode we get to hear how her free diving enabled her to embrace and define a new category of ocean conservation. 



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Bianca Valenti  "Who has the right to waves"

Bianca Valenti is considered one of the leading women big wave surfers. In this episode we follow her journey as she and her friends create a new category of women big wave surfing. 



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Kelly Slater "Wave Creator"

Kelly Slater is the greatest surfer of all time and 11x world champion. In this episode we explore the development of of his artificial wave and the creation of a whole new category of surfing. 



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