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The Process of Category Design

We have a standardized category design process that is tailored to meet the needs of companies of all stages.

Our partnership with our portfolio companies is true collaboration in every sense of the word. Not just with the CEO, but with the entire exec team and the core execution teams.

With every engagement, we deliver a clear, actionable set of decisions and assets that can be put to use in your business immediately.

We keep it simple. We make fast decisions. And we love to roll up our sleeves and get in the foxhole with you. Here is an overview of how it’s done.

Key Process Steps


Team Interviews

We will conduct a series of very quick and direct interviews with your team leaders to understand the company, product and category. We spend a lot of time talking about the category problem you are solving.


Category Workshop

We then conduct a one-day workshop to kickoff the process. This is part educational, part open discussion, and often triggers healthy debates about the true category problem potential and value for your company.


Category Blueprint

We will produce a category blueprint that illustrates the full scope of the problem you are solving and why your products and offers are differentiated to solve that problem.

Category Ecosystem

We will map out where you live in the broader category ecosystem and define control points for data, dollars, and decisions.



We define the key From/Tos (Frotos) for the priority audiences for your category.



We will craft a highly differentiated, provocative point of view for your company. Your point of view will make it clear what you stand for, what you stand against, and why people should care.



We will help you conduct a series of moves in your company to mobilize all the key stakeholders into adopting your category design strategy into their operating plans.


Lightning Strike

We coach you to execute your Lightning Strikes that deliver your category to the world. This execution method is purpose built to condition the priority audiences for your category to understand the category problem, your blueprint and POV (Point-of-View).


Executive and Execution Support

We like being in the foxhole and we will be involved in helping provide a fresh perspective to any planning, decision or action you are considering in the long term.

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