Aug 08, 2016


If the term category design is not part of your definition, now you can explore the new playing field that positions you ahead of your competitors. Because we recognize the impact of both the outer and inner game of business, it is just as critical to explore how the inner aspects of playing bigger will make a difference in your results.

Can you name a time you were able to play bigger? Do you avoid playing bigger? Our emotional reactions to things give us deep insights into where our breakthroughs lie.

We will explore what it means to play bigger on Breakthrough Radio because the stronger, more profitable and successful you create opportunities for us all.

What if Category Design was the Answer?

Play Bigger and Christopher Lochhead reveal how entrepreneurs can accelerate their companies and debilitate competitors by embracing the new discipline of category design. With this strategy, entrepreneurs can create and develop a new market category, and condition the market so it will demand your solution and crown your company as its category king. That’s how explosive and enduring category kings like, Facebook and Google took most of the profits from the categories they defined. The authors researched thousands of U.S. venture capital–backed tech start-ups founded from 2000 to 2015, and found that category kings earned a whopping 76 percent of the market capitalization of their entire categories.

In Play Bigger, you’ll also learn:

Why category design matters and how to do it
Why there is a right time for a category king to have an IPO (it’s related to brain science)
Why it takes courage to build a category (see: Telsa giving away its patents)
How big companies can become category creation machines over decades (see: Corning)
How to apply category thinking to a personal career
Why is it important for entrepreneurs to build a great company and category at the same time?
What makes category king companies enduring and attractive to investors?
How category kings have changed the way Venture Capitalists invest in new companies
How older established companies can institutionalize category design
Why is mobilization a live or die moment for a company?

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